From Israel to Ukraine, to the United States: The Best American English Teachers on the Web

English can be tricky if approached with the wrong tools and mindset: the idea of focusing on something you do not perceive as enjoyable can deceive the most brilliant and dedicated students. In this context, the role of the teacher is fundamental and can be a real game-changer, both positively and negatively.


 What is needed to learn a language is an inspirational, motivational and communicative figure, who manages to deliver the right message to who is being taught: when it comes to learning English, you have to go towards a personal and enjoyable path to reach fluency. There are plenty of brilliant English teachers all over the world, and there are many that luckily offer their services through the internet, making their content free and accessible to everyone. Today, I will give you my top-three list of English teachers all over the web.


  1. Hadar Shemesh, The Accent’s Way



If you are looking for an empathetic, passionate, and motivational teacher, Hadar is the one for you. She is a pronunciation expert and also focuses a lot on speaking clarity and confidence. As a non-native speaker teacher herself, from Israel (but you could never tell she is not American), who went through the same learning process as every other language learner did with incredible results, she knows exactly how to guide English learners towards fluency in the best possible way. She also has successfully managed to create her own community where English learners can freely find partners to practice with, attend speaking clubs and other events. Hadar has a unique style of teaching, which is extremely communicative, enjoyable, and down-to-earth. For all these reasons, if you wish to speak English fluently, naturally, and confidently, you have a lot to learn from her!



  1. Annah Khoma, The English Fluency Journey



Another amazing English teacher who is a non-native speaker, from Ukraine, but who has trained herself so well to speak like an American. Like Hadar, having been through the English learning process, she developed the great skill of recognizing the problems that English learners might encounter in their journey to reach fluency and being able to help them out. Her videos are very interesting and unique, as they also encompass the psychological factors and techniques that come with language learning. Not only Annah wants to teach the language itself, but she also aims at teaching her students the best techniques to achieve fluency.


  1. Rachel’s English

Last but not least, the American teacher on the list. On Rachel’s Youtube channel, it is possible to find anything about the English language: from videos about vocabulary to ones concerning pronunciation, grammar, and conversation. Rachel is very communicative and can explain any concept extremely well. She gets right to the point and that is what you might need when you want to learn a new concept of the language. Other than being able to make the most difficult English notions understandable, Rachel is also a pronunciation teacher and can help you with accent reduction.


The three brilliant teachers mentioned in this list have all their own peculiarities that can help you with the different aspects of learning the English language. Internet is an incredible tool for language learners since they can have access to all the information in the world. However, it is often hard to be selective and find the right resources, since one has so many possibilities that it is extremely easy to lose the focus on the goal of achieving fluency. This article does part of the job for you by recommending some of the best English teachers on the web. The rest is up to you!